Help Your Mechanic Help You.

Help Your Mechanic Help You.

This blog is to help you better communicate with your mechanic.

Experiencing car troubles is something anybody who owns a car goes through, wear and tear happen, mechanical failures happen. When you drive, parts wear and break thus the need for a mechanic. Communicate properly this will help your mechanic help you.

The first and probably the most important thing one can do to help their mechanic is to take care of your car. Check and maintain simple items such as maintain proper oil levels, check tire pressure and make sure other fluid levels are kept up. Maintain the simple things to really make a difference. If you care about your car chances are your mechanic will care about your car.

Time for service.
help your mechanic help you

When the inevitable happens and service is a must, properly describing the issue is important.  Self-diagnosing a problem if you are not a certified mechanic can actually come back to haunt you. The mechanic has fancy equipment that will provide information to pinpoint the problem. If the mechanic is given the opportunity to take advantage of you, some will. Don’t try to do the mechanics job, simply describe the issue, when it happens and how often it is happening. Let the mechanic come up with the solution.

Assess your estimate.

Always read the provided estimate carefully, most states require a mechanic to provide a written estimate, this for your protection. Reading and understanding the estimate is important. Make sure the information regarding your vehicle is correct. Review the parts listed on the estimate, make sure it is all needed. Look at the estimated time of labor to complete the repair, this is a real money maker at some shops. Mechanics at some shops charge for a “Book Time”, often this is different than “actual time”. If the estimated time seems excessive you can negotiate an actual time for less money. The catch is you have to ask for it because they are not going to offer it.

Second opinions can be your best friend.

When we see a doctor about a health issue sometimes the initial diagnosis isn’t satisfactory. We seek a second opinion to either validate the original diagnosis or find a different answer to our health issue. Second opinions when it comes to your vehicle may be just as important when we suspect the initial diagnosis is incorrect. When you do decide to get a second opinion, don’t tell the second mechanic that you are seeking another opinion. The mechanic will provide an unbiased diagnosis that may or may not be the same or very similar to the original one done by the first mechanic.

Do your due diligence.

When it comes to major repairs research is a must. Making an informed decision usually takes doing some homework. Do not throw your hard earned money away trying to shortcut your way through a problem. Please take some time to research the issue and ask questions. Mechanics are mostly honest business people providing a needed service, following these few tips will help your mechanic help you.

help your mechanic help you



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