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This is a blog post about easy car care.

Easy car care will save you money. Most people consider their car to be the largest or second largest investment they make. Many of us rely on our cars to get us to and from work thus making them invaluable. Plus spending the few free hours we have stranded with no car doesn’t sound like a ton of fun either. Follow these easy car care tips to help limit visits to your local car care facility.

Easy Car Care

Checking your car’s oil

The oil in your car lubricates the metal parts in your engine which is needed to reduce heat- inducing friction. The friction of hot metal parts produces wear and tear on the internal parts of your engine. Maintaining your car’s oil level dramatically increases the life of your engine helping reduce very expensive trips to your local auto mechanic. Checking your car’s oil in between oil changes is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes, one just needs to be disciplined in checking it every other time you stop to fill your gas tank.

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How do I check my oil?

The task at hand is very easy. First, make sure to have a paper towel or lint-free rag available. Turn the engine off. Inside of the car release the lever unlocking the hood of the car, it should pop up. Release the latch and use the prop rod ensuring the hood doesn’t fall on your head. Locate the oil dipstick, pull it out and wipe the end off. Reinsert the dipstick, wait a moment, then pull it back out.  Now, inspect the end of the dipstick. Dipsticks on most cars have some sort of measurement gauge on the end of it. If the oil level reads full, reinsert the dipstick, close the hood and you are done until the next time.

How to add oil if needed.

Let’s say upon checking the oil, the dipstick indicates you are a quart low. Check the car’s owners manual to be sure you have purchased the correct grade of oil. Example of grades of oil are 10w40, 5w30 etc. Now, locate the screw off cap that usually says oil on it, open it and slowly add one quart of oil. Replace the cap and start the engine letting it run for 30 seconds. Now, turn the engine off and recheck the dipstick. Do not overfill. This will damage the seals and cause an oil leak. Oil, very easy to get in, very difficult to get out, please add slowly!

Another easy car care tip

Maintaining your tires

A very easy car care tip forgotten about is tire pressure. Something so easy to check is also easy to put off until another time. We should all think of not just our own safety but the safety of everyone on the road. Think of checking your tires as not only self-preservation but as a common courtesy for your fellow motorists. Low tire pressure also creates premature tire wear.

How to check tire pressure

Tire manufacturers recommend checking tire pressure once a month. The first thing in checking tire pressure is having a reliable tire pressure gauge. Tire pressure gauges can be found at many stores in the auto parts section. Tires all have the recommended PSI branded on the side wall for easy reference. Unscrew the valve stem, take the gauge using the end with the little needle thing, press it on the valve stem. You will only need to press it once quickly.

A slight burst of air will come out and the pressure rod will poke out a bit. Look at the little rod that sticks out, it will have small lines on it, the line it is stopped at will indicate the PSI of the tire. If that matches the recommended PSI branded on the tire’s sidewall replace the valve stem cover and move on to the next tire.

If the tire gauge indicates you are low on air many gas stations, auto shops, and tire shops have air compressors for free or at minimal cost. Drive carefully to the nearest shop and fill the low tire or tires to the recommended PSI. Finally screw the valve stem covers back on, this helps maintain tire pressure while also keeping the valve stems free of debris.

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